why do i live

Are you frustrated of your life? Are you questioning yourself, “why do i live?” Then you are in the right place. If life is all about failures, loss, fear, distress, pain and tears, why should we live? This is what our mind immediately thinks. A hurt from a friend, emotional agony and inferiority complex may drive you to conclude life is not worth living. But do you know that your life is precious to someone? Do you know that you are wonderfully made? Do you know that someone loves you and wants to show you goodness all the days of your life? Do you know that someone wants to give you everlasting life? Yes, there is a lot more in store for you and that is why you have to live. Discover what those stores of treasures are, as you take a glance at our site. Without any further delay, hurry up and discover the answers for all your mind boggling questions. Get started towards exploring the great meaning of your life.

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God loves you

god loves you

Going through the worst of situations is hard. It gets still harder when you go through it alone and when you feel unloved. Your dear ones might have been with you, just to use and exploit you. Perhaps, the tough times take you through an illusion that no one loves you, that there is no shoulder to lean on and no friends who care. For few among you, the situation is still worse…

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Purpose of life

purpose of life

Have you ever wondered why you are here on Earth? Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my purpose in life?” Our life on Earth is short and fleeting. If our life is anyway going to end one day, then what are we living for? What is the purpose of life? Is there any real meaning to life? If you are here with these questions, then you are in the right place…

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