Going through the worst of situations is hard. It still gets harder when you go through it alone and when you feel unloved. Perhaps, the tough times take you through an illusion that no one loves you, that there is no shoulder to lean on and no friends who care. For a few among you, the situation is still worse. It’s not just an illusion but a fact that your own dear ones have left you alone. But the good news is, no matter what situation you are in, you still have someone who waits with loving arms to carry you through, to hear you speak, to love you, to comfort you and be there for you always. He is none other than the God who created you with such meticulous craftsmanship, taking utmost care. He is the one who carefully knitted you together in your mother’s womb. Unlike the love of this world, His love is unconditional and everlasting.

When a mother extends such love over her child and a father such immense care, how much greater must be the care of Him who is the source of life? When a hungry child comes running to his father and asks him for bread, would he give him a stone? Or, if the child asks for a fish, would he give him a snake? If an earthly father with human shortcomings loves you so much ever since your birth, how much more is the love of the heavenly Father who knew you even before you were born! You might have not heard Him speak or felt His love. But that isn’t necessarily a reason to deny His love. It is just because you never opened your heart to Him before.

Still not convinced? Are you thinking, “Even if there is a God who created me, He didn’t go through the pains I undergo? It is impossible for Him to understand my emotions?” Well, He came down to earth to live a life as you and I do. He suffered through humiliations, treachery, mockery, embarrassment and hatred. He even loved the people who subjected Him to such distress. He underwent every single emotion, experienced your pain and also extended His sacrificial love by laying down His life. His unconditional love for you made Him die for you. He came to give you life in its abundance. He is always with you and will never let you down.