• Forget Not All His Benefits

    Forget Not All His Benefits

    Almost all of us would have a special feeling to receive something new, be it small or big, irrespective of our age. New dress brightens our looks, new paint brightens the house, new toys brighten our face, new assignments brighten our mood and of course new beginnings brighten up our life. Who does not like something new? A new year also is a much anticipated time that gives us yet again a chance to wipe out our past failures and to start afresh, sometimes with well-planned resolutions or sometimes even without. How important are the things of old in a …

  • What is the Significance of Easter

    What is the Significance of Easter?

    I often wonder how would it feel if a young vibrant leader with a completely different yet meaningful and revolutionary approach was suddenly taken to a death punishment. It would come up as a rude shock not only to the followers but also to the opposition groups and probably if it was today, the entire media coverage might have been focussing around that. This was exactly the same thing that happened to a young man who came to the public light only about three years and a half before his accusers took him to be crucified, one of the cruellest …

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    Little Efforts for Better Tomorrow

    Here we are again at the beginning of a new year. Some of us would have waited long for it, and for some it might be astonishing to see the pace with which the time flies – bringing us to another new year so soon. Whatever be it, all of us expect that the New Year brings new beginnings, new joys and new blessings. We expect a renewal of the past things, and a refreshing start from the unpleasant things. As any other year, the year that has just passed by has also witnessed both ups and downs in our …

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    A tiny pebble

    Hey, are you thinking if your life is worth something? “What am i capable of? I am unable to accomplish anything noteworthy in this world. Am I a useful person on earth? How would i face my future challenges? How would i proceed further in my life?” Are these your questions today? I would like to tell a story which was very useful in my life when questions like this popped up in my mind. “Once there was a mountain in which resided a rock; the rock was seated mightily on the top of the mountain that it could see …

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    The God who heals

    Focusing on the goal of living gets hard when our dear ones or we are ill. Oftentimes we encounter little children being attacked with deadly sicknesses. Some are born with illness. Some by birth are physically or mentally challenged. For some others, illness comes all of a sudden in the middle of their life’s journey in the form of accident, shock, heredity, an unhealthy lifestyle, pollution, and exposure to radiation, and in most cases, for unknown reasons. Young or old, be it the first, second or third person who is affected, the question that most often arises is this: Why …

  • you are not alone

    You are not alone

    With a rise in today’s mechanical lifestyle, there are a lot of changes that we attribute to Modernism. Spending a lot of time on social sites posting status messages, expecting conversations and partying or chatting with the “not-so-close” circle of friends has become a part of everyday life. Taking a closer look into all these, one thing that strikes my mind is “everyone needs someone”, rightly phrased that Man is a social animal. But it has become difficult to find someone always to share our heart’s content with. Eventually the feeling of loneliness creeps into our hearts even when amidst …

  • the feeling of guilt

    The feeling of guilt

    Is there something that haunts you from within despite the best possible efforts you make? Are you now in a state of hating yourself for what you have done? In spite of hiding your mistakes from your parents, friends and others, have you lost your peace? Is the feeling of guilt killing you day after day? It is indeed good to have the feeling of guilt arising within provided you deal with it the right way. Guilt is a God-given alarm to make you realize your mistakes; waking up to the alarm will help you to work your way out …

  • why am i lost

    Why am I lost?

    While I was in college, in one of the class, my Tamil professor Dr.D.Arul Padmarajan was sharing his experience about going to a prison. He had written a song expressing the emotions of a prisoner. I was moved by the words of that song. The words of the song go as if the prisoner asks God “Am I the clay that slipped away from YOUR HANDS while making the pot? Am I the sheep that was lost from YOUR FLOCK” and so on. (The song is originally in tamil and the meaning has been translated to English). It stimulated my …

  • everything seems to go wrong

    Everything seems to go wrong!

    All my hope is lost, All my strength is gone. There is not even a person to understand the way I feel. There is noone to comfort me and to encourage. Have you ever felt like this? Life has its own package and all of a sudden when we do not expect, everything starts to turn upside down. One after the other new disappointments and pain peep in. Despite the positive attitude and mental strength one might possess, problems keep on increasing to weaken the little Hope that still remains. We long to hear words of encouragement, we long for …

  • where is god when i suffer

    Where is God when i suffer?

    Peaceful silence in the air, smiles of joy all over the face; Group of friends always to care and continuous victories in life’s race. All of a sudden a tragic turn, No more peace in the heart; nothing more than tears in the eyes; None of the friends could play their part-in bringing out a burdened soul from its cries! This is a common experience faced by you and me in some part of our life’s journey. When things seem to go smooth,there comes a painful twist. Everything seems to go out of control. There is no more strength to …