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    God will make a Way

    A New Year has just started. All our usual celebrations, well wishing and sharing of happiness happens. Meeting friends, relatives and having fun are integral part of the New Year celebrations. Some even go for an outing to have a change of ambience. Though everything seems to be alright, a sense of insecurity, anxiety and fear seems shadows human mind. We have toiled and ended the last year, but still those unpleasant remnants of the past makes us feel weaker. Handshaking outwardly having such trepidation in the inner self is not uncommon nowadays. Many fear pestering whether they are competent …

  • The King's Cross

    The King’s Cross

    A king, as a ruler reserves authority under his dominion. He has his own ministerial hierarchy that portrays his majesty. Ultimately, he has an army that openly proves his grandeur. Many historical pieces of evidence and epical references illustrate a king’s disposition. The scripture tells us about the Nazarene who distinctly stood out of all traces of earthly kingships. The history had recorded his existence and even about his execution. We know, Jesus was taken to Pilate, allegedly for stating Himself as the Son of God. Such a declaration of equalizing oneself to the status of God was one of …