• What is the Significance of Easter

    What is the Significance of Easter?

    I often wonder how would it feel if a young vibrant leader with a completely different yet meaningful and revolutionary approach was suddenly taken to a death punishment. It would come up as a rude shock not only to the followers but also to the opposition groups and probably if it was today, the entire media coverage might have been focussing around that. This was exactly the same thing that happened to a young man who came to the public light only about three years and a half before his accusers took him to be crucified, one of the cruellest …

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    God will make a Way

    A New Year has just started. All our usual celebrations, well wishing and sharing of happiness happens. Meeting friends, relatives and having fun are integral part of the New Year celebrations. Some even go for an outing to have a change of ambience. Though everything seems to be alright, a sense of insecurity, anxiety and fear seems shadows human mind. We have toiled and ended the last year, but still those unpleasant remnants of the past makes us feel weaker. Handshaking outwardly having such trepidation in the inner self is not uncommon nowadays. Many fear pestering whether they are competent …

  • What is Christmas

    What is Christmas?

    Every year around December many people from all over the world celebrate Christmas… They light up their homes with stars, decorate a Christmas tree, go around singing late into the night, bake cakes, give and receive gifts and the list goes on. A fat man in red and white attire is ready in front of many shops and other places to spread cheer. We hear of snow, silver bells, candles, mistletoe, candy cane, holy and Ivy as inevitable elements of the celebration. Sure the season is loaded with stuff… Have these made you wonder what is Christmas? Let me take …

  • hope beyond death

    Hope Beyond Death

    The greatest fear that is prevalent in all lives on earth is Death. People don’t even want to take that name and many don’t attend a funeral in fear of that. Even if we turn a blind eye or run from it, the truth remains the same that all lives born on this earth have been predestined to meet Death, which is so universal. The Bible says when God made man death was not in His plan, but man through his sin brought death into the world as forewarned by God and death reigned & ruined us through our sins. …

  • The King's Cross

    The King’s Cross

    A king, as a ruler reserves authority under his dominion. He has his own ministerial hierarchy that portrays his majesty. Ultimately, he has an army that openly proves his grandeur. Many historical pieces of evidence and epical references illustrate a king’s disposition. The scripture tells us about the Nazarene who distinctly stood out of all traces of earthly kingships. The history had recorded his existence and even about his execution. We know, Jesus was taken to Pilate, allegedly for stating Himself as the Son of God. Such a declaration of equalizing oneself to the status of God was one of …

  • Steadfast Foundation

    Steadfast Foundation

    As we start this New Year 2017, we might be joyous and happy for the change of year or we might have fears gripping our hearts on how this New Year is going to be. But whether we like it or not, we have to move on to this New Year and embrace it!! They say that the only thing that never changes is Change itself!! We have seen Televisions change from Black/White to Colour to LCD to LED; Telephones change from Landline to Pager to cellphones to Smartphones. Likewise so many changes are all happening at the same time …

  • The time of our lives

    The time of our lives

    I remember my father used to tell me often these words “This is not the time”, or “wait for the right time”. This response is not something I could understand as a child. I always wanted to ride the bike when I was small, but my Dad never gave me. I see my friends use it much before and used to get angry. But after I got the permission to ride from my father, I thought there is a good reason why he didn’t allow me then and it is now there is a need for me to have a …

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    The ultimate secret

    The whole Bible revolves around the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus submitted Himself to God’s plan of redemption of mankind. It is pertinent to mention that every human has to acknowledge the existence of the biggest problem called Sin, which no one is immune to. This Sin has been passed on to the human race by Adam, the first man God created on the planet Earth. Like how diseases or knowledge or character which are Genetically Inherited, it is a bitter truth that we inherit Sin from our forefathers. The Bible says that the penalty of sin …

  • The relationship

    The Relationship

    When Jesus died on the cross, it was not just a death of an individual but the death of every sin. It is not just symbolical but real. Jesus completely took human sin on Himself and gave Himself as the ransom for the sins of the world. Romans 6:10 says, “The death he died, he died to sin once for all.” The sin that separated human being from the creator was defeated on the cross, and the relationship was restored. Yes, Jesus came in to this world to restore this relationship between God and man; the only way to restore …

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    Beyond time

    Everything in this world revolves around time. We attribute everything that happens around us to time. Time is what defines our day to day activities be it work, sleep or play. Time keeps us organised and it’s very difficult for us to think beyond the physical dimension called time. But do you know that there is someone who is outside the physical realm of time? God, the creator of the entire universe lies outside time and He is the One who created time. The Bible says in 2 Peter 3:8, “But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with …