• god is good all the time

    God is good all the time!

    “God is good all the time”. Seldom do we realise this amidst our difficulties but He remains good forever. Almost an year ago, I completed my MSc hostel life and was coming home to stay a few months before I had to leave India for my PhD. Being the only child my parents were hesistant to send me, and finally after much prayers we started working towards it. The house was full of life and happiness as it started getting noiser after my arrival from hostel. The family was filled with fun and cheer. Only about a month was left …

  • a miraculous recovery

    A miraculous recovery

    I am Reeta aged 16 from Nagercoil a small town in India.I belong to a family in which myself, father, mother and brother all believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted him as our personal savior. We us a family involve more in his ministry and church activities. My brother and I are involved in a ministry named Christ’s Harvest Mission, an initiative of youths to spread the good news of Christ. On 26th April 2010, while coming for a ministry work with my brother in my uncle’s bike, I met with a major accident, which made me unconscious …