• What is the Significance of Easter

    What is the Significance of Easter?

    I often wonder how would it feel if a young vibrant leader with a completely different yet meaningful and revolutionary approach was suddenly taken to a death punishment. It would come up as a rude shock not only to the followers but also to the opposition groups and probably if it was today, the entire media coverage might have been focussing around that. This was exactly the same thing that happened to a young man who came to the public light only about three years and a half before his accusers took him to be crucified, one of the cruellest …

  • hope beyond death

    Hope Beyond Death

    The greatest fear that is prevalent in all lives on earth is Death. People don’t even want to take that name and many don’t attend a funeral in fear of that. Even if we turn a blind eye or run from it, the truth remains the same that all lives born on this earth have been predestined to meet Death, which is so universal. The Bible says when God made man death was not in His plan, but man through his sin brought death into the world as forewarned by God and death reigned & ruined us through our sins. …

  • jesus is all we need

    Jesus is all we need

    The importance of a Savior in Jesus Christ has been argued ever since his life on this earth. He is believed by millions as the Savior of the world. But the question is, do we actually need a Savior? Many believe that the world can very much function well without a Savior. Does the world actually need a Savior? A Savior is someone who helps and saves in the time of adversity. We don’t need someone to save us unless we are in adversity. Many of us think we live in a perfect world. But the actual truth is that …