• God's Perfect Christmas Gift

    God’s Perfect Christmas Gift

    Christmas season is usually attributed as the season of joy, giving, family time and much more. But what makes it different from other seasons or festivities is the very reason behind it.  God had to sacrifice His only Son so that you and I can enjoy an unbroken relationship with Him. Nevertheless, we humans have a free will to accept Jesus – God’s perfect Christmas gift, as our Savior and Lord.  The Bible says, “He was in the world, and the world was made through him, yet the world did not know him. He came to his own, and …

  • What is Christmas

    What is Christmas?

    Every year around December many people from all over the world celebrate Christmas… They light up their homes with stars, decorate a Christmas tree, go around singing late into the night, bake cakes, give and receive gifts and the list goes on. A fat man in red and white attire is ready in front of many shops and other places to spread cheer. We hear of snow, silver bells, candles, mistletoe, candy cane, holy and Ivy as inevitable elements of the celebration. Sure the season is loaded with stuff… Have these made you wonder what is Christmas? Let me take …

  • The Christmas calling

    The Christmas Calling

    Christmas time is undoubtedly a season with almost a month long preparation for celebrations, carol rounds, shopping, gifts. Many have forgotten the real reason behind all these and few do it meaningfully. Whatever be the reason, the joy, happiness, enjoyment and laughter behind it cannot be denied. It is also true that despite our motives God uses these efforts of ours to transform lives. With such similar excitement we had planned our Christmas programme last year with the practices in place, invitations printed, venues booked, money paid, rounds and rounds of shopping to carefully choose the gifts that would be …

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    The miracle of all miracles

    Wonder what Christmas is! It might not be complete without the beautiful Christmas trees, crib set with candles, carefully wrapped gifts sneaked in freshly baked cakes and the carols. Children gladly await this season to go for shopping and have lavish family dinner with roasted turkey. Is it not a great thing to sip a hot cup of cocoa in the freezing winter and eagerly wait for Christmas? But is there not something more to Christmas? What could be the reason that a birth is celebrated in such a great way? Why is it always Christmas reasoned with the ‘Birth …